hey look i can make decent sites now

friday, december 16th, 2022

i should probably link this to something but hi

i drew problem sleuth in class, but anywayss the midnight crew is so cool like holym shards man i love them they're so cool i wanna be as cool as they are

ALSO ALSO has anyone heard of that mobsterswitch au for like problem sleuth cause i LOVE IT SO MUCHAJNSJIC JANSDAJODMA OMG i rlly like pernicious innovator and peccant scofflaw they're pretty cool :DDDDDDDDDD

saturday, december 17th, 2022

i found a ps1 game forwarder for homebrew stuff, i have a new 3ds xl so it'll probably work, i was gonna use it to play vib ribbon and parrapa but not rn lol

i tried getting palafin in pokemon violet but i leveled it up using the lets go feature so it didnt work :(

i'll probably make this site look a bit better soon, maybe even add a guestbook.

sunday, december 18th, 2022

happy birthday to kiwi from wandersong, they are the best bard and the certified scrunkly

im currently playing through pokemon ultra moon, its pretty cool

winter breaks super boring, i dont know what to do

monday, december 19th, 2022

pickle inspector is a really interesting character, i kin him a lot. :)

anyone remember that one obscure webseries called mugman? a specific website themed after one of the characters inspired me to make this!

one character named pementa had a blog, i liked her, she was cool, i liked mugman too, he was my favorite, his older sister was cool too, teanna was her name

wednesday, december 21th, 2022

im obsessed with portal again, wheatley was and always will be my favorite

friday, december 30th, 2022

i wanna work at nasa so i can go into space and get wheatley, maybe space core if im feeling generous.

sorry for lack of update.

friday, january 13th, 2023

im in class, we have a sub so i can basically do whatever

ummmm idk what else to say so bye

thursday, january 26th, 2023

me on my way to decorate this site and make it all portal themed

might study some more html or something idk, kinda wanna finish portal stories mel tho

ive completed both portal 1 and 2 and aperture tag, im yet to complete aperture desk job and portal stories mel

sunday, jaunary 29th, 2023

ive come to a roadblock in my site making.

wednesday, february 22th, 2023

dont ever share game sites at school, onion clicker just got blocked and i am PISSED.

update!! it's like, 12:21 pm for me rn, still in school btw lol, we have a subsitute rn so im free to do whatever, it's kind of loud.

jeez, do these people even have human decency? this poor subsitute, having to look after a class full of complete and utter bafoons. xd

that's all for now, catch ya later!! ;D

monday, february 27th, 2023

i probably wont be able to put any more blog entries for a while, we dont have internet rn, i'm typing this at school.

wednesday, march 8th, 2023

i have wifi now lol, im at school. we are watching that one disney movie with the rat, not mickey the other rat that can cook and stuff like that

friday, march 10, 2023

GOD this school sucks i hate it, ive gotten yelled at multiple times today, everyone (besides a few people) is mean to eachother, they're all a bunch of egotisctical pains!!! i wish i had gone to a magnet school instead!! they say slurs all the time, its completly uncalled for!!! i wish portal were real.....................

the assembly we had was bad too!! i was called for some relay and i made a complete fool of myself!! they even said my name wrong!!!!!!!!! its so stupid i hate hate hate it!!!!!!!!!!

thursday, april 20, 2023

they blocked meet the cores on yt at my school, ive lost my will to live. how am i supposed to go on knowing that meet the cores is blocked???????? /j

wednesday, july 5th, 2023

still alive!

august 11th, 2023

im back in school now. i no longer have a computer