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hello! i'm inky. this is my personal site. right now it doesn't look very good because i'm not good at coding. but i'm learning snippets by the day! stick around, maybe there will be more stuff in teh future. i'm a trans dude and use he/him pronouns. im neurodivergent and enjoy a number of things. some of my main fixations are homestuck, problem sleuth, portal, object shows, and coding. i have a lot of other fixations, but most are really obscure and have no fandom. feel free to ask me about them! i love to ramble when i can and i'll be glad to ramble to you too. this site has a lot of cool stuff and a lot of junk you can read through. if you ever wanna talk or something you can email me at inkysplash1234@gmail.com!!! :-) check out my about me if you wanna know even MORE junk.

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