who let this guy make a site?


hello! my name is inky, i do not know how to use HTML, nor CSS, i am trying my best! i use he/him pronouns, i like playing games, like portal, and splatoon. i own a lot of portal games. i have many socials too. i also make games and sites and stuff, i like drawing, i have a homebrewed 3ds, its nice because i can watch movies and stuff. i like to read webcomics like homestuck, i also like watching shows like BFDI, lost media is very interesting, in my personal opinion atleast. im learning how to hack things, i wanna be like those cool hackers in movies and do cool hacking things, then i could call myself a haxxor! did you know that i type really fast? i misspell things a lot though. some of my favorite songs are "Fuchsia Ruler," "Walls Covered In Blood," and "You Wouldn't Know." i wanna make cool robots when i grow up, like, i wanna recreate wheatley from portal 2, it's possible, ive seen videos on it! it would be cool to have a wheatley rolling around on his manegement rail in my home, being a sillay guy. i suppose that's it, really. while you're here, check out some of the links on the sidebar! (if the sidebar is there, i haven't coded it in yet, or maybe i have, the future is crazy,) the most important ones are my carrd and my blog, the rest are just my various socials, by the way say hi to wheatley and OS9 before you leave!! best viewed on a computer sorry phone ppl ;'(


what is the purpose of this site

shrug! i thought it was neat looking, and i wanted to test my html skillz


bad html sites

are you cool?

yes, 8], and so are you! 8]

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